New Year: Donald Trump openly makes fun of Emmanuel Macron on Twitter (while being beside the plate)

As we know, Donald Trump is not at his first provocation against the French president on the social network Twitter. It is even the popular channel for the White House tenant to spread the taunts he inflicts on his political counterparts. In a context of very strong social tensions, marked by a 28-day strike against the pension reform, Emmanuel Macron is cornered from all sides. Donald Trump will therefore not have resisted the temptation to strike another blow to the tenant of the Elysée. Even if its information is based (as it was the case previously) on fake news.

Faced with the virality of the content present on social media, it is easy to take information for real money. Therefore, the former American real estate tycoon referred to a publication by Jack Posobiec showing the so-called “France of Macron” on fire, and captioned as follows: “A dozen cars were ignited in Paris, one hour after New Years Eve. ” Donald Trump therefore commented: ”
How is the Paris Agreement going? Don’t even ask yourself “.




 In other words, all occasions are good for the American president to express himself on the Paris Agreement on the climate, ratified by 196 countries, from which he himself has withdrawn his country, the United States, in good climatoscepticism. The subject here is far removed from the basic news, but Donald Trump is not at his first blunder.

In order to put the ball in the center, Emmanuel Gregoire, first deputy of the town hall of Paris rectified for the attention of Donald Trump, via Twitter: ”
Only six cars were burned last night at rue Tesson, a charming district of the 10th arrondissement in Paris, whose origin is probably accidental. The Paris Agreement is still waiting for your support in order to make our planet great again.

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Donald Trump will therefore already have shared his first fake news of 2020, this January 1st.

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