New WhatsApp feature: no need for a phone!

WhatsApp, which has the largest messaging network in the world with 2 billion active users, recently started losing users to messaging apps like Telegram.


Finally, popular and popular updates have emerged such as editing messages, searching messages by date, and hiding online status information.

A new feature has been discovered in the beta versions of WhatsApp Beta v2.22.21.5 and v2.22.21.6. The WhatsApp application hasn’t been available on tablets for years.

According to news from the Wabetainfo site, it will now be possible to use WhatsApp without inserting a sim card, thanks to the new update. The new feature, also known as friend mode, will allow you to use a secondary WhatsApp account on an Android tablet.


After performing these operations, you will be able to use the application with both phones and tablets on up to four devices in total. However, you need to have an active internet connection to sync messages between your phone and tablet.

Using WhatsApp on a tablet is quite simple. With the new update coming, all you have to do is from the WhatsApp application you have installed on your Android tablet, “Settings“go to,”Connected devicesTap “and then scan the QR code.

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