New wave of Covid infections: when do I have to get vaccinated if I test positive now?

The seventh wave of covid is causing a significant increase in infections. Those hospitalized also increase, yes, it is in most cases of elderly people or people with previous pathology.

One of the doubts that resurfaces with this new wave of infections is whether to get vaccinated if you test positive for covid. Although 92.7% of people over 12 years of age in our country are fully vaccinated, the booster dose is still administered and therefore, doubts may arise as to whether or not to get vaccinated when you are positive for covid.

When do I have to get vaccinated?

According to the indications set by the Ministry of Health in the latest update of the vaccination strategy, the interval between symptomatic or asymptomatic infection by coronavirus, when it occurs after receiving the complete vaccination schedule, and the administration of the booster dose, it can be performed with a minimum interval of 4 weeks, but its administration is recommended 5 months after the diagnosis of the infection.

In addition, if a person has symptoms compatible with Covid-19 and has not had a test, they must inform the health personnel before going to a hospital or health center to be vaccinated. It will be the professionals who make the decision to vaccinate or postpone the appointment.

Children population

In children, the Ministry of Health recommends maintaining an interval of 8 weeks between the two doses of primary vaccination in people who do not have documented infection. If the infection occurs before the administration of the first dose, a single dose of vaccine will be administered starting 8 weeks after the diagnosis of the infection. If the infection occurs after the first dose has been administered, the second dose will be administered from 8 weeks after diagnosis of the infection.

Can the Covid vaccine harm my recovery?

Delaying the vaccine more than recommended can pose a serious risk since the person remains vulnerable to several diseases that can be prevented by providing vaccines.

Vaccines adapted to new variants of covid-19 “could arrive around September”

The Minister of Health, Carolina Darias, assured this Wednesday that, “with all caution”, it is likely that the vaccines adapted to the new variants of SARS-CoV-2 “could arrive around the month of September”.

“Not only the epidemiological situation is being assessed but also the probable arrival of vaccines adapted to new variants. With all prudence, these vaccines could arrive around the month of September, although we must wait for the European Medicines Agency (EMA). ) authorizes them”, said the minister.

Regarding the use of the mask, Darias has asked for “common sense” and in the face of an increase in cases like the current one, “The recommendation is to wear the mask in indoor places that are not ventilatedsince the mask has a barrier effect that prevents the transmission of the virus.

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