New UAZ broke down after driving 200 meters from the car dealership – Rossiyskaya Gazeta

На YouTube published a video in which a man talks about the breakdown of a new UAZ, which occurred immediately after the car drove away from the dealership.

There are no details about what kind of car it is. Judging by the radiator grille with the black brand logo, this is a Patriot or Pickup with an automatic transmission. It is known that it was purchased at a car dealership located in the city of Tyumen.

The nature of the breakdown has not been specified, but a puddle can be seen under the bumper of the car in the video. The image quality does not allow us to say unequivocally what kind of liquid it is, but, presumably, antifreeze.

The price for a UAZ “Patriot” with automatic transmission starts from 1,185,000 rubles, you can buy a UAZ “Pickup” with a similar transmission from 1,275,000 rubles.

However, such misunderstandings occur not only with cars of domestic brands: recently “RG” told about how the Tesla Model Y electric car lost its roof, barely leaving the dealership.


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