New travel advice announced: Dutch Limburg is now also …

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs announced another adjustment of the travel advice on Wednesday. It is striking that even more areas are turning red, which means that the Belgian authorities strongly advise against travel to the region and that a Covid test and quarantine are mandatory when returning to Belgium.

Foreign Affairs explains the most important changes, which will take effect from Friday at 4 pm. For example, the Spanish island of Tenerife, which until now was colored orange, now gets code red. The Netherlands is also almost completely red. Only Zeeland is still orange.

Skipping between red and orange

In France, the departments skim between red and orange. A similar situation can be seen in the UK, with a palette of red and orange. An orange color code means that travel is possible, but the Belgian authorities advise increased vigilance. A Covid test and a quarantine are not mandatory when returning to Belgium. The traveler may have to be quarantined in the country of destination.


Poland turns orange, but Gdansk is color coded red. In Switzerland, Geneva and Basel turn orange. In Portugal, the north and the Algarve code get red. Slovakia turns completely orange. And also in Hungary and Ireland there are zones that turn red.

The recommendations for the other regions can be found via The map on the website shows the color of the travel advice to a country. By clicking on a region, the conditions that apply to the return to Belgium appear.


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