New Tracker: the SUV that aims higher

Premium. Its larger exterior dimensions allow a better use of the interior space, which added to the particular combination of shapes, colors, materials and textures of the cabin, result in a cozy and premium-looking environment.

Board. To provide a greater sense of mastery of the steering and better visualization of the instruments, the dashboard has been slightly lowered. The eight-inch pedestal-type LCD center screen is tilted slightly for easy access to commands.

Console. It features the same premium coating as the steering wheel and includes a storage section with an included holder for smartphones, so that it is better recessed.

Seating. Very comfortable in general, the front ones are of the wraparound type with supports on the sides and covered in premium material in the more sophisticated versions. The rear ones are of the amphitheater type, that is to say higher to improve the visibility of those who occupy them.

Trunk. The luggage compartment grew by 30% and is now approaching 400 liters in capacity. The base can be adjusted in two levels of height.

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