NEW. TOME 1, 1952-1962, Herbert Frank cheap at Auchan prices

Bringing together forty short stories and novels, including various unpublished, this complete, unique in French language, completes to consecrate the author of Dune for what he is, one of the giants of world science fiction, demiurge of a truly fascinating, ironic and tragic work. Frank Herbert’s work also has warning value. Without claiming to be prophetic, it announces the coming of the prophets. It testifies to the only certainty that remains to us, namely the dissolution of a certain image of man and the social, economic and political structures that carried it, and the concomitant uncertainties, anxieties, conflicts and violence. to this interregnum which perhaps preludes the establishment of a new order still in limbo or at the very least indistinct for our short-sighted eyes. It reveals to us a grim future but to tell us after all that we already live there, and as Ursula Le Guin’s work does, that as a species we will survive it.

Auteur : Herbert Frank
Publisher: BELIAL’
Release date : 25/03/2021
Name of pages : 480
Dimensions : 22.0 x 15.0 x 3.5

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