new tips from leaders who will do anything to remain anonymous

VIDEO – Succeeding in an anonymous immersion in your own business is a real challenge. A CEO agrees to go bald, while the production calls on Tony Parker and Grégory Cuilleron, ex-candidate of “Top Chef”, to create a diversion … All the tips are to be discovered on M6 from Monday, January 10 during four weeks.

Remarkably stable in terms of audience, “Patron Incognito” broadcast for the first time on June 7, 2012 on M6, has not aged a bit. To the suspense of seeing or not seeing a CEO unmasked, is added the unexpectedness of human relations, the discovery of the various companies and the professions that are attached to them. During four new prime times to be discovered from Monday January 10 on M6, “Patron Incognito” follows the adventures of Yves Hecker, boss of Papa’s Burgers, a restaurant chain battered by the health crisis; of Laurent de Clergerie, president of LDLC, a major e-commerce player in the IT and high-tech market who has decided to switch to 32 hours ; by Xavier Chopin, Managing Director of Happy Cash, king of the second-hand market andArnaud Bruillon, CEO of Finsbury, one of the leaders in luxury footwear.

Each of them will perform three anonymous dives on three different sites. A boss will have to face a violent remark from one of his employees on the quality of his products. The choice of companies makes it possible to discover sectors in full evolution: the difficulty of finding a budget balance despite 2.4 million burgers sold each year in the catering sector, IT experienced as a passion, the complexity and the requirement of logistics warehouses in e-commerce; the journey of self-taught people who started from nothing to end up CEO and the second-hand market which is experiencing tremendous growth …

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Laurent de Clergerie, president of LDLC, makes a radical change for “Patron Incognito”, January 17 on M6. CAPTURE D’ECRAN / M6

Clown ball, zero ball and blog galore

Always funny moment, the physical transformation of the presidents is sometimes radical on M6. This year, Laurent de Clergerie agrees to shave his head. Yves Hecker puts on a “fat suit”, a magnifying outfit, which will prove to be difficult to manage. Arnaud Bruillon, duly wigged and hated, takes on the air of an original fashion critic who knew Karl Lagerfeld well. For some bosses, it is now a question of revising their files so as not to be unmasked. It is easier to play as a simple trainee or a beginner! To give credibility to the character of fashion critic, a special blog with a false identity was created by Endemol Productions. Nothing like social networks to give you a social identity. The show innovates with a new shocking cover, that of an inventor, winner of the Lépine competition, a profile that is not always easy to assume! Dressed up in this way, our bosses will make surprising encounters among their employees, between computer and music enthusiasts, people with astonishing devotion and inventiveness …

When Tony Parler and Grégory Cuilleron create a diversion

Since last year, production has strived to form a smokescreen between employees and their masked CEO because the presence of the cameras alone can be a clue. Endemol Productions regularly calls on actors to cover their tracks. Tony Parker and Grégory Cuilleron, the first personalities to join “Patron Incognito”, will provide moments of diversion this year. The former “Top Chef” candidate will make a new burger recipe under the watchful eye of the cameras. Tony Parker reserves a surprise to “Patron Incognito”, the pretext being easy to find since the company LDLC is sponsor of the basketball team of Lyon-Villeurbannne (ASVEL), champion of France, and chaired by the French champion. American.

The work of staging and diversion takes an increasingly important part. Will it be enough to make the four bosses completely anonymous?

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