New test round at Mercedes yields one more corona infection | NOW

A new round of corona tests at the Mercedes Formula 1 team at the Nürburgring has produced another positive case. In addition, one team member must be retested after an unclear result.

Mercedes reported Thursday that one team member tested positive for the corona virus in the run-up to the Grand Prix of the Eifel. All Mercedes employees present at the Nürburgring were then tested again.

The German team does not disclose who tested positive. These are the first corona infections in Formula 1 since Racing Point driver Sergio Pérez tested positive in the run-up to the Grand Prix of Great Britain at the end of July.

Mercedes writes in a statement on Friday Twitter that four team members, all of whom tested negative, were sent home because they had come into contact with the infected worker (s). Six replacements have traveled from England to Germany to take over the duties of the departed team members.

The first free practice for the GP of the Eifel was canceled on Friday morning due to dense fog. The start of the second free practice is scheduled at 3 p.m.


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