New technologies could help resolve conflicts

Artificial intelligence

It is not easy for mediators between warring parties. You need to know the arguments of all parties to tie the Gordian knot. Well-programmed machines could help to sift through the mountains of data here.

A peaceful world: Peace is not the only thing that the United Nations has written on its flags. Here a Land Art artist has conjured up an idyllic children’s scene on the meadow in front of the United Nations headquarters.

Photo: Valentin Flauraud / dpa

A machine that makes peace. A peace machine that emits electromagnetic waves. That robs people who want to go to war. World peace in one fell swoop. A dream, but only the stuff of science fiction novels.

But will peacemaking have to be man-made from start to finish? Could the weakened human race not be assisted by machines in order to solve or alleviate conflicts more effectively?

Michael Färber, among others, is convinced of this. Together with colleagues at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, he is researching how artificial intelligence (AI) can inspire peace processes. “We still have a lot to do before peace-making machines work in everyday diplomacy,” said Färber.

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