New Swedish big winner in the curling WC

The Swedish quartet took command immediately with two points in the first round and never let the opponents get close. After a new two-pointer in the seventh round and then a total of 10-2 in Swedish favor, the South Koreans thanked for the show.

The victory was important, before tonight’s match, Sweden – the reigning world champion of curling – shared second place in the even championship, where no team is undefeated. After nine matches, Edin, Oskar Eriksson, Rasmus Wranå, Christoffer Sundgren and reserve Daniel Magnusson have seven wins.

During Swedish Wednesday night, China is waiting for the blue and yellow team, which then meets Canada, Germany and Japan before the playoffs, where the top six teams qualify, start.

CLIP: Canadian reporter pays tribute to team Edin: “They are rock stars here” (March 31)


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Canadian reporter pays tribute to team Edin: “They are rock stars here” Photo: Bildbyrån
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