“New Study Warns of New York City Sinking Under Weight of Skyscrapers”

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According to a scientific study, the city of New York, in the United States, continues to sag dangerously under the weight of skyscrapers.

It is the emblematic city of the United States but risks disappearing under water… In any case, this is what a new scientific study published at the beginning of May in the journal Earth’s Future.

According to scientists, New York is sinking more and more under the weight of skyscrapers whose total mass would amount to 764 million tons. This weight causes, according to them, the subsidence of the ground of New York of 1 to 2 millimeters per year.

Flood risk

This sinking into the ground, called subsidence, is explained by the pressure exerted by the weight of buildings on the earth’s crust. At the same time, New York is very exposed to the risk of flooding, in particular because of its position, at the edge of the water while the sea level continues to rise, climate change and severe weather which is increasing. .

“The purpose of this article is to raise awareness that each additional high-rise building constructed on coastlines, rivers or lake edges could contribute to future flood risk, and that mitigation strategies may need to be included,” the scientists wrote.

2023-05-22 16:04:00

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