[New Stock IPO]Yidu Technology 2158 closed the dark market up by more than 1.2 times, earning about 3200 yuan (continuously updated)-Hong Kong Economic Times-News Channel-Market News-IPO

Yidu Technology (New Listing Number: 02158)
The dark market closed and the stock price gradually recovered. In Futu’s dark market, Yidu Technology closed at 58.65 yuan, up 123%, which was 26.3 yuan from the offer price. One lot (100 shares) excluding handling fees, made a book profit of 3235 yuan. In Futu’s dark market, he saw a high of 70 yuan, up 166%, and earned 4370 yuan on one hand.

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The dark market for Yaocai closed at 7:30 in the evening, closing at 59 yuan, which was higher than other dark market trading markets, with an increase of 124.3% and a single hand profit of 3270 yuan.

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Brokerage Report Offer price Change% Earn with one hand (yuan) Closing time
Futu 58.65 26.3 123.0% 3235 18:30
Yaocai 59.00 124.3% 3270 19:30
Phillip 58.25 121.5% 3195 18:30

Previously, institutional investors traded on the dark side of the market. According to the news, the transaction price of Yidu Technology was 50.5 yuan, 58.5 yuan, 63.3 yuan and 64 yuan, which was an increase of 92% to 143.3% from the IPO price of 26.3 yuan.

Yidu Technology attracted more than 1.1 million people to subscribe this time, with an oversubscription multiple of more than 1,300 times, and its first-hand lottery rate was 20%.

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