New starting times in the Bundesliga? Adjust with a sense of proportion

In the fight to get more money from TV, Donata Hopfen, as CEO of the German Football League, can imagine adjusting the Bundesliga start times “with a sense of proportion”.

«The market situation is getting more difficult given the pandemic, the war in Ukraine, the energy crisis and inflation. The time when growth was almost foregone is over, “Hopfen told Kicker, adding:” One thing is clear: if you want to redeem more, you will have to offer more. “

Saturday afternoon remains the main game day

Hopfen, however, ruled out a far-reaching fragmentation of the game days: “We are on the right track with the current game plan, it will be the basis for the new announcement. We will not have a separate starting time for each game. We continue to see Saturday afternoon as the main day of the game. If adjustments are made, then with a sense of proportion ”.

The “Sport-Bild” recently reported that the DFL had suggested to the clubs that the most important match of the day in the Bundesliga should be played on Saturday at 20:30. This could be implemented at the start of the new entitlement period 2025/2026. The reactions of the 36 Bundesliga and second division clubs would have been positive. It is unclear whether the 8:30 pm date on Saturday is therefore scheduled in addition to the earlier dates on a match day. The first projects for the competition for national media rights must be submitted to the Federal Cartel Office by the end of the year. The tender is therefore expected to start in the first quarter of 2024.

According to Hopfen, the international marketing of the championship remains an important task. “The fact is that other leagues are years ahead of us in this regard,” said Hopfen, citing England and Spain in particular. You need stamina. After the Crown crisis, the DFL’s net profit from international marketing fell to € 150 million per year. Strong increases are not to be expected in the short term. According to hops, contracts with partners abroad for a total volume of twelve million euros will expire in 2023. (Dpa)

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