New Star Wars movie in the works soon? Rumors indicate early work

Is there really a new one coming here? Star Wars-film about? We have overcome many things in the last months and years Star Wars-I’ve heard movies scheduled, then canceled again. Then all of a sudden new films appeared with new directors or new writers – and it all started anew.

While it’s inside Star Warsthe series is ongoing, nothing happens in terms of movies. Or at least nothing that can be said will lead to a new show on the screen anytime soon. That may change in the near future, however Make Star Wars and the Bespino Bulletin adequately informed – and both are usually not too far from the truth, if not spot on.

Either way, a source at Pinewood Studios said they could start building sets for one shortly Star Wars– Build movies. Briefly in this case means from April to May. Pinewood Studios is known to have been built in the past Star Wars-Movie. So it seems likely that we will go back there.

However, it is not clear from which Star Wars-A movie could be. The hypothesis is currently on the film of Taika Waititisince secrecy in things Star Wars but obviously it is immense, currently it is difficult to confirm this hypothesis. From the last still untitled Star Warsthe film was dated December 19, 2025 (theatrical release in the United States), however, it stands to reason that this is the project that could soon be made at Pinewood Studios. Another film is currently scheduled for December 17, 2027 (US theatrical release).

How likely do you think this message is? Is there really a new one coming to Pinewood Studios anytime soon? Star Wars-Movie? Or is there more wishful thinking involved here?

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