New Spring Festival movie “Man Jianghong” releases IMAX poster Shen Tengyi Yang Qianxi and the leading actors appear in a festive style_Type_Suspense_Zhang Yimou

Original title: The new film “Manjianghong” in the Spring Festival releases the IMAX poster Shen Tengyi Yang Qianxi and the leading actors appear in a festive style

Sohu Entertainment News Zhang Yimou’s new Chinese New Year movie “Manjianghong” has released IMAX posters. Shen Teng, Yi Yanqianxi and other leading actors are placed in a bright red festive background, which is quite different from the previous chilling style. The slogan “Enough suspense, laugh till the end” makes people curious.

Up to now, the movie “The Wandering Earth 2”, the movie “Unknown”, and the movie “Deep Sea” have also released IMAX version posters, announcing that the IMAX system will be released simultaneously on the first day of the new year. Which one do you most want to see in the IMAX theater?

“Man Jianghong”

Director: Zhang Yimou

Starring: Shen Teng, Yi Yangqianxi, Zhang Yi, Lei Jiayin, Yue Yunpeng, etc.

Genre: History, Suspense

“The Wandering Earth 2”

Director: Guo Fan

Starring: Wu Jing, Andy Lau, Li Xuejian, etc.

Genre: Science Fiction, Adventure


Director: Cheng Er

Starring: Tony Leung, Wang Yibo, Zhou Xun, Huang Lei, Zhang Jingyi, Dapeng, Senbozhi Jiang Shuying, etc.

Genre: Drama, Suspense, History

“deep sea”

Director: Tian Xiaopeng

Genre: Animation, FantasyReturn to Sohu to see more


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