New Species of Ancient Giant Kangaroo Found in Papua New Guinea Mountains, Like What? from Flinder University, Australia have successfully described a new genus kangaroo giants based on fossils found in the mountains Papua New Guinea middle.

This description also shows that the ancient giant kangaroo is not related to the Australian kangaroo but is a unique genus of more primitive kangaroos found only in Papua New Guinea.

The researcher then gave the name New species of ancient giant kangaroo this Nombe nombe. The name was taken after the fossil discovery site at Nombe Rockshelter, an archaeological and paleontological site in Chimbu Province, Papua New Guinea (PNG).

Researchers also plan to return to PNG for further excavations and research next year.

Quoted from PhysWednesday (29/6/2022) species ancient kangaroothe muscular Nombe lives in diverse mountain rainforests with dense undergrowth and closed canopies.

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kangaroo evolved to eat the tough leaves of trees and shrubs due to their thick jawbones and strong chewing muscles.

In the study using 3D imagery and other technologies, researchers also found that Nombe may have evolved from an ancient form of kangaroo that migrated from Australia to PNG in the late Miocene, about 5-8 million years ago.

During that time, the islands of PNG and mainland Australia were connected by ‘land bridges’ due to lower sea levels.

This bridge allowed early Australian mammals including a variety of extinct animal forms to move into the PNG rainforest.

But when the Torres Strait sank again, the population ancient kangaroo species these became disconnected from their Australian relatives and evolved separately to fit their new tropical and mountainous home in PNG.

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