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New Škoda Octavia Scout and RS live for the first time: That’s a hit!


I hope I won’t be dragged for an incorrect headline, but when I first look at the Octavia Scout and RS in the multifunctional Mladá Boleslav hall, I can’t help it. It probably couldn’t have been done better.

Before throwing yourself into the new derivatives of the fourth generation of Octavia, let’s take a small back. The latest design to the world officially unveiled in November last year. It followed unveiling of the first prices, introductory driving impressions this time not collected in coastal districts, but at home with veils on the mouth, and finally a batch the first full-fledged tests. Somewhere in between, Škoda managed to introduce other variants of the Octavia IV – more adventurous Scout, sports RS a basic version Active. We have to wait for the nest, we have already examined the other two in detail live.

Big change is not for us

The Škoda Octavia Scout was first introduced to us at the beginning of June, but then only in a series of a few introductory pictures. The workshop on the new generation of the Octavia in the multifunctional Mladá Boleslav hall was actually the first opportunity to see this car in person.

Since the arrival of the standard Octavia, we have announced new products that are being prepared for Scout and RS derivatives. The more adventurous design was to arrive for the first time with front-wheel drive. It is true, however, it does not apply to the Czech market. “In selected markets, customers prefer an adventurous look, but do not use the ATV. Czech people have always had a Scout connection with a 4×4 drive, and in the new generation it will be no different. “ explains Pavel Jína from the Mladá Boleslav car factory.

In practice, this means that a Czech buyer always gets a Scout with an ATV. This is certainly good news, but at the same time we are losing the opportunity to order this version with engines that the ATV cannot (1.5 TSI 110 kW, 2.0 TDI 85 kW), even if it is an interesting price offer. As for the all-wheel drive itself with an electronically controlled inter-axle clutch, the new Octavia gets its sixth generation with redesigned components, making the system 0.8 kilograms lighter. The ATVs are then combined exclusively with the seven-speed DSG automatic transmission. In practice, this means that you can order a car from us with a 2.0 TSI 140 kW engine, or a 2.0 TDI 110 or 147 kW engine.

In the first official pictures, I liked Scout and I had the same impression after the introductory meeting. Immediately visible 15 millimeter luminosity, a more adventurous look is underlined by the protective plastics in the lower part of the body and the aluminum design of the front and rear diffuser, moldings around the side windows and exterior mirrors. The standard of the scout is an electrically operated boot lid with a virtual pedal, and the offer must also include an electrically tilting towing device, which tightens a braked trailer up to a weight of 2000 kg on a ball.

There are Scout labels on the body, which we find even after sitting in the interior. Of course, the cab concept did not change. If you like the interior of the new Octavia, you will be satisfied here as well. The same is true the other way around. The Scout design is characterized by a specific decorative strip with a wood motif, which looks really attractive live. The seats are upholstered in ThermoFlux and the upholstery, steering wheel, armrest and dashboard have contrasting brown stitching. The pedals get an aluminum look, as well as foot storage. You can see all these details in the attached photo gallery.

For the Octavia Scout IV, a two-arm steering wheel with rotating rollers for setting selected functions of the digital instrument panel remains standard. Of course, this is also standard, as is the ten-inch screen of the Columbus multimedia system equipped with navigation. Somehow, we imagined Scout before its premiere, and it’s hard to say if it was better to come up with the given basis. The first static impressions left really good.

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Ereso without socket

Yes, the Škoda Octavia RS was officially introduced to us in March, but it still had something to show after a few weeks. At the time of its premiere, Škoda introduced only the iV variant, ie a plug-in hybrid design for a socket. This is a novelty and diversification of the engine range, forged eres fans were waiting for pure petrol and diesel units. And we finally saw one such piece in Mladá Boleslav.

Before we embark on it, however, we have a few interesting numbers for the eros of the third generation. 173,218 units were sold all over the world, and the carmaker revealed what customers preferred. As for the duel of diesel vs. petrol, diesel engines led here with a share of 58%. We notice a significantly more significant difference in the choice of gearboxes, here 72% of customers preferred the machine to the manual. Buyers’ preferences between a front-wheeler and an ATV are similarly clear, with 86% of buyers reaching for front-wheel drive.

And then there’s the fourth-generation Octavia RS in front of us. While the Scout has a chassis fifteen millimeters higher, the ereso fifteen lower. However, we are only looking at such a car now, because the plug-in hybrid has (due to the protection of the batteries in the floor) the ground clearance identical to the classic Octavia, although the chassis is also sporty.

And I have to say, the red eres on display in the hall are also fine. This is helped not only by the distinctive red paint, but also by the black elements of the body, which have been standard since the fourth generation. Škoda reminds us that in previous variants it also offered silver details, but there was only minimal interest in it among customers. This time she stayed only with black. And the car clearly benefited, the black mask combined with the more aggressive bumper make the Octavia an angry machine. At the rear, a discreet black spoiler, a black Škoda designation and two exhaust tailpipes – both functional!

The car arrives as standard on 18-inch wheels, under which the red brake calipers are hidden – more powerful than the classic Octavia. You can get nineteen at an additional cost. As I said, the chassis has a sportier tuning compared to the usual version, but the adjustable DCC shock absorbers with the choice of stiffness will pay extra. The plug-in hybrid is then ripped off by the VAQ differential, whose task is even better driving characteristics. At least progressive control is prepared for all variants.

The composition of the propulsion units has not been a secret for some time, but let’s remember them. We have a plug-in hybrid Octavia RS iV, which boasts a system power of 180 kW, 400 newton meters of torque and, thanks to a 13 kWh battery, a range of up to 60 kilometers on a single charge. Such a car is on top in 7.3 seconds and can continue at a maximum of 225 km / h. For those interested in purely combustion units, the 2.0 TSI 180 kW and 2.0 TDI 147 kW will be prepared, the technical details of which we have to wait, production will then start in September. So far, all we know is that petrol will get front-wheel drive and the option of choosing between a six-speed manual and a seven-speed automatic. Diesel is combined exclusively with the machine and all-wheel drive.

And inside? The two-spoke steering wheel alternates with the classic three-spoke solution, there are RS plaques and contrasting red stitching across the entire cab. But that does not end there. For an additional fee, you can replace the fabric seats with alcantara, which can also be found on the instrument panel and in the door panels. Already in November, I was sitting in the interior of the richly equipped Octavia, and the progress compared to my predecessor was huge. But this is another league. Ereso was really successful! Here, too, we find a standard ten-inch infotainment, a specialty of digital alarm clocks is the display mode exclusively for this sporty design.

Unfortunately, we could not ride with these news, but we will not have to wait long for the first experience from Czech roads. Both specimens should appear in the test fleet in the second half of this year.

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