New Secretary of State for Culture is “Real Professional”

“We found a real professional in Andrea Mayer,” said Minister of Culture Werner Kogler (Greens) on Tuesday (May 19) at the official presentation of the designated art and culture secretary, convinced of his favorite for the office. Mayer is to be praised on Wednesday as the successor to Ulrike Lunacek, who resigned last Friday.

Mayer, most recently Cabinet Director of Federal President Alexander Van der Bellen, has experience in the scene as a former head of the arts and culture section and was designated on Monday evening by the Extended Federal Council of the Greens with 100 percent of the valid votes cast. In her first public appearance since the election, she quoted John Lennon as “Life is what happens to you, while you’re busy making other plans.” “This is my current state of mind,” said Mayer, who was slowed down by a brief power cut in her imagination at the ministry. In any case, you can assure: “I will do my best.”

Art is “incredible wealth”

“My credo is: Art and culture represent an incredible wealth”, Mayer outlined their approach: “This wealth has to be protected, lobbyed for and financed by the state.” The first measure is therefore to help the freelance artists – with performance opportunities and financial support. “We will take measures that work quickly, that work unbureaucratically.”

However, Mayer emphasized that it was also important to think about the institutions: “We have to secure them financially so that they can continue planning their artistic programs.” The opening questions also had to be clarified. “We have to be able to experience art and culture live – in order to return to normality”, said the future State Secretary. In order to achieve all of this, rapid and open communication with everyone involved is important to her: “My door is open – as is my ear.”

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Mayer according to Kogler “crisis-proof”

Kogler paid tribute to the freshly selected, with whom he had had intensive discussions over the weekend. She has management skills and is crisis-proof: “It is as networked as it is competent. And networking is important because the art and culture scene in all areas really represents a multi-dimensional matrix.”

In any case, he personally takes the criticism of the past few weeks seriously about his office as Minister of Culture and will also have discussions in the future. In any case, the parameter applies: “We want to enable something and see that something takes place.” And with that it was clear: “It will need financial security on several levels.” (apa)

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