Home World New SBB train with flaws: Stadler's Giruno is too loud

New SBB train with flaws: Stadler’s Giruno is too loud

The joy was great when the new SBB train Giruno Bellinzona was christened on a beautiful summer day in August. Of a dream that comes true said SBB boss Andreas Meyer. That was balm on the soul of the much-scolded Federal Railways, which made headlines last year with delays, the Bombardier breakdown train, infrastructure problems and the death of a train attendant.

After the summer joy, the winter disillusionment follows. As reported by the “Aargauer Zeitung”, the driving noise level that is perceptible in the interior of the Giruno trains during normal operation is too loud. In any case, it is much louder than on high-speed trains in Germany (ICE), France (TGV) or Italy (Frecciarossa / Italo).


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