New rules for slots should give Schiphol air

At Schiphol, different rules will temporarily apply to take-off and landing rights next summer. The adjustment should lead to far fewer flights being performed during the summer holidays. The final coordinator has decided that the new rules will apply from June 1 to August 28. The slot coordinator is an independent body that deals with the distribution of take-off and landing rights.

Under the new rules, airlines can choose to slots, the time at which aircraft are allowed to take off and land, without fear of being filled up by a competitor. They will retain their rights to a lock if they don’t use it this summer.

The slot coordinator made the decision in consultation with Schiphol. The airport hopes that due to the new rules, airlines will choose not to use a lock more often. If necessary, they now let planes fly empty or half empty so as not to lose their rights.

Wider packed

The new rules are part of a broader package to limit the crowds at the airport. More measures will be announced tomorrow at the end of the morning.

The number of travelers has grown very strongly in recent months, and the staff on the ground is also not up to scratch. This already leads to hours of waiting times, chaos and sometimes aggression and fights on a daily basis.

Until now, the airlines did not seem very inclined to operate fewer flights. They believe that after the disastrous corona years they desperately need a good season. But according to a spokesperson for Schiphol, they were consulted about the decision about the slots and the response was positive.

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Based on the decision of the slot coordinator, the number of take-offs and landings this summer can be reduced from 126,000 to 90,000. That is not the aim, but the maximum. “In any case, it allows for a significant downturn in a way that is safe for the airlines,” said the spokesman, “but the airlines should decide for themselves how far back they want to go”.

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