New rules for obtaining a driving license for people with apnea

Candidates or drivers who have sleep apnea syndrome could obtain a driver’s license only after receiving a medical certificate, according to a draft normative act initiated by the Ministry of Health.

“Driving licenses shall not be issued to, or renewed for, candidates or drivers suffering from serious neurological disorders unless the application is based on an authorized medical opinion. Consequently, neurological disorders associated with diseases or surgeries affecting the central nervous system or lead to sensory or motor impairments and affect balance and coordination should be considered in terms of their functional effects and evolutionary risks.In such cases, the issuance or renewal of a driving license may be subject to periodic evaluation, in the case of risk of aggravation “, is shown in the document proposing amendments to the MoH Order no. 1162/2010 for the approval of the Minimum Norms regarding the physical and mental aptitudes necessary for driving a motor vehicle.

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Also, after the permit is obtained, people with moderate / severe sleep apnea syndrome will need regular medical examinations. In this way it will be checked if the drivers respect the treatment they follow and if it must be continued.

“Driving licenses may be issued to candidates or drivers with moderate or severe obstructive sleep apnea and who demonstrate adequate control of their condition, adequate treatment and improvements in drowsiness, Candidates or drivers who have moderate or severe obstructive sleep apnea and who are undergoing treatment must undergo a regular medical examination at intervals not exceeding 3 years. for group I drivers and one year for group II drivers, in order to establish the extent to which they comply with the treatment, the need to continue the treatment and to maintain adequate vigilance “, is mentioned in the draft normative act of the Ministry of Health.



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