New rip-off scam via WhatsApp: Free economy warns of phishing message!

Vienna (OTS) The Free Economy yesterday received a warning about a new phishing message being distributed via WhatsApp. The news reports on open payments to the tax office that have allegedly not been settled. The senders threaten a bailiff if a certain sum is not paid in via a link. The link to an alleged Ministry of Finance website – – already sounds questionable.

The Free Economy strongly advises deleting the message and blocking the sender’s phone number. Under no circumstances should money be transferred, as this is an obvious scam. The Liberal Economy calls for caution and recommends not opening or replying to phishing messages like this one.

Deputy Federal Chairman and State Chairman Reinhard Langthaler comments on this matter as follows: “It is unfortunate that fraudsters keep trying to deceive people via the Internet. We, as a free economy, would like to draw attention to the fact that it is important to always be vigilant and suspect Ignore messages. We recommend never sending personal or banking information to suspicious links.”

Adds Langthaler: “We urge law enforcement to act quickly to stop this scam and hold perpetrators accountable. It is important that the public is educated about this type of scam in order to protect itself from future online threats to protect.”

The Liberal Economy emphasizes that it is important to protect yourself from phishing messages and other fraud attempts on the Internet. Consumers should delete questionable messages immediately and always make sure they only interact with trusted sources.

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