New retro camera from Fujifilm that produces instant photos

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Image: Fujifilm.

If you’ve been looking for an instant camera that produces nostalgic photos and has the style retro, Fujifilm’s new Instax Mini 40 might be what you need.

In essence, the Instax Mini 40 $ 100 is essentially the older Fujifilm Instax Mini 11 camera, but with an updated design that dates back to the days when social media was nothing more than sharing a stack of Polaroid photos with your friends.

Its design is quite simple, with a 35mm retractable lens and an autoexposure function that dials up the camera settings so you don’t have to. Aside from the shutter button and a built-in flash, the Mini 40’s only other major feature is the ability to pull the lens out of the camera, which shortens the camera’s focal length so you can rotate it and take selfies with ease. Fujifilm also includes a small mirror on the front of the camera so you can take selfies without the need for a screen.

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Image: Fujifilm.

After capturing an image, the camera spits out a photo that will be developed in approximately 90 seconds, and is capable of taking up to 10 shots at a time. However, before taking a lot of photos, keep in mind that Instax Mini film costs around $ 15 for a pack of 20 photos, so it’s pretty easy for a long shoot to quickly get expensive. Fujifilm also claims that the two AA batteries that power the Instax Mini 40 should last around 100 shots before needing to be replaced.

Along with the new Instax Mini 40, Fujifilm is also launching a new retro-inspired “Contact Sheet” instant film (seen below), which features a black border (instead of white) with orange lettering to really offer the aesthetics of the 70s and 80s.

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Image: Fujifilm.

While it may not be the most efficient or advanced way to take a photo, Fujifilm’s new Instax Mini 40 seems like a fun and relatively affordable way to bring back the magic of the instant cameras of the past. The Mini 40 will go on sale sometime this month for $ 100.


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