New Research: High Cortisol Stress Hormone Levels Cause Long-Term Exposure to Covid-19

PR DEPOK – One of the concerns of health experts during the spread of the corona virus is reason exposed person Covid-19 in the long run.

Researchers at Yale University recently reported the results of their research on reason exposed person Covid-19 in the long run.

According to them, hormones stress cortisol can be reason the main people experiencing symptoms Covid-19 for months after recovery.

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Researchers at Yale University found that people suffering from cases that can be considered long Covid produce about half as much cortisol than their healthy counterparts.

The exact relationship between cortisol and Covid-19 in the long term it has not been found.

However, the findings may shed light on new hypotheses about what causes the mysterious disease.

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It is almost impossible to know what chance a person has of developing it after a Covid infection due to the massive under-reporting of cases that has occurred since the Omicron variant emerged last year.

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