New reports on Paulina Smaszcz’s complaint to the POLICE by Maciej Kurzajewski. “They are working on Smaszcz”

For a 30-year career in show business Maciej Kurzajewski never before has it received as much media attention as it does now. For several weeks, there is literally not a day that his ex-wife doesn’t hit the reporter with another blow. The measure changed when Paulina Smaszcz allegedly invaded her home in Stara Miłosna and annoyed her elderly mother (at least that’s what the TVP star claims). It was then that she decided on the eager host of “Breakfast Questions.” report a vengeful ex to the police.

As might have been expected, the “firecracker woman” presented a significantly different course of events than Maciek’s version.

I’ve never been to his mother. I’ve been to my old house first and now to Maciek’s house. I had a nice conversation with his mother. This is a very nice old lady. In the end we wished each other good health and kissed… It was a very nice meeting – he told Super Express.

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Smaszcz also unexpectedly changed sides in the context of Maciek’s relationship with Kasia, supporting him he rooted for them from the start. Unfortunately, it seems that this time – as the internet users called it – “woman of contempt” cannot shirk responsibility. According to Jastrząb Post, the police have already been put back on their feet and motivated to take action on the alleged invasion of Smaszcz. A key witness will soon be questioned, namely Maciej’s own mother. Ms. Teresa, 74 years old, is ill and struggles daily with diabetes. Apparently, her entire incident has left her utterly broken and as a result he had to take medicine.

The police are working on the Smaszcz case. The first auditions are coming up. Maciek’s mother goes first – a person close to Maciej tells the site. The whole family believes that no one can break into an old and sick woman’s house without permission and make an Internet show.

The whole thing should have infuriated the residents of the estate next to Maciek. The friends reportedly side with the reporter and cannot believe the ex-neighbor’s insolence.

A wave of indignation among friends and family of Maciek and Kasia was caused by the comment of Paulina, who clarified that she had broken into her house – say friends and neighbors of Maciek from Stara Miłosna, who were to be joined by the service.

Surprisingly, Kurzajewski maintains a stoic calm in this rather uninteresting situation. According to the site’s informant, the 49-year-old’s priority is the comfort of his girlfriend (?) Attacked by his ex-wife.

Maciej addresses the issue calmly, prudently and consistently, supporting Kasia. She is very concerned that these recent actions are not affecting her sense of security about her. He is very sorry for his ex-wife’s attacks – reports Jastrząb Post.

Paulina’s campaign against the father of her children doesn’t seem to affect the quality of the TVP reporter’s work. Maybe it’s Kasia’s presence that has a calming effect on him…

His colleagues admire him for the fact that the whole scandal does not affect the quality of his work. None of his television friends have been in such a situation and they admire Maciek’s fortitude and professionalism, as well as the composure he presents in his vision. Especially now, when the World Cup is in Qatar, and he actively participates as a sports journalist – his colleague from the TVP sports editorial team tells the site.

Do you think Paulina Smaszcz already regrets starting the relationship to such an extent?

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And very well. Maybe this woman will finally shut up.

This woman needs HELP immediately!

To consider in any sense the house of your ex three years after the divorce, in which you lived, but which you did not even buy, you must have incredible boldness and a lot of vulgarity in yourself.

We all know that Smaszcz is unstable, but he unknowingly made Cichopek and Kurzajewski good PR. At the beginning of their public affair, most people seemed disgusted, especially by the trip to Israel and the embarrassing photos. Now everyone is so focused on the ex junkie that Kasia and Maciek are generally perceived as positive figures in the firecracker scandal against his past.

I ask for mandarin in Zakopane. Preferably at the climax, next to Zenek from the band Akcent.

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Well, what exactly was Firecracker counting on? What is Kurzajewski supposed to do? Hear her change his online testimony? They parted amicably once. Then she left. But then he left. Then she left for another (married and son). Then she remembered that he actually cheated on her. Subsequently, it was she who kept the whole house and brought up the children. At the beginning of the interview, she boasted that she raised her children and could finally go to work and develop. Subsequently, however, she was abandoned by Kurzajewski. Again she maintains excellent relations with her ex-husband’s family. There, the family says it’s not true. Then it’s the same again with the children: here they say they ask her to speak aloud, but there they don’t want her to speak. And so it spins the same inba. Coach, PR specialist – Firecracker is hopeless, the worst to appear in the media in years. He can’t control his own gibberish, let alone create a logical and coherent image campaign. The only thing he achieved was making a fool of himself in every field. And then, instead of calming down, sitting down and starting to act calmly, he just moves on. She must be stopped for his sake. Because she will end up with the fact that she first offends everyone around and then takes her own life when she passes the craze of her.

A sportscaster with a high school diploma, it seems that a lawyer or a doctor can also be a graduate, why study when only a high school diploma is enough.

That’s disgusting! None of you commentators know the truth and you speak so reprehensible! You know nothing and that’s all that’s certain! Don’t let yourself be manipulated as you can really hurt someone along the way!

For Cichopek it is entertainment, let her remember her sins, her children will pay for her, karma will return, I know how painful it is for her children, the same awaits

Seriously, the police have nothing to do? Seriously? My ex broke windows on premises and the police wouldn’t accept because they said there was no proof it was him if i had a video they would have accepted xd and here’s what he went to see his he grandmother? What? I guess it’s a joke. If I come up with an argument like that they will kick me out but protect our taxes because actually the taste is so awful 🤦🏼‍♀️ maybe it’s slightly different but seriously is she scared because she went to her her mother in law? It’s normal?

How to connect

3 mins.

a woman a firecracker and a woman a million dollars because that’s what they called what some will prove to be a time bomb… and in fact both are as good as each other.

Paulinka Boghi…

5 minutes.

I’m waiting what Kasia will do when Maciej replaces her with a newer and better model. I wish him because he deserves nothing else.

He flew to the police for his wife

Whores are like that, they want Kodak

Sorry, but why do you have such huge claims that an abandoned woman must live up to and accept everything with dignity and it is better not to say anything, to accept the achievements of her stud husband? Where is she from?? Why do women get blamed for everything: that she’s aged, that she’s not that cool anymore and if you leave her, why is she complaining?? Kurzajewski is a weakling if he can’t deal with this issue, report ex wife to police??? Bad boy and period. He got a dirty girlfriend who got rid of her husband in split sex, because if the current partner CREATES JOB OPPORTUNITIES, WHY NOT?? An unleavened mistress apparently, an unleavened beetle on unleavened television. And they smile at the TV every day, KNOWING THE PAPARAZZI FOLLOW THEM, SO THEY SHOW THEIR HORRIBLE LOVE.

Paulina needs to feel sorry for the ex for a few years I lied, twisted, ordinary … and whoever breaks other people’s marriages has a daughter and let her imagine how a foreign woman does the same thing she did to Paulina! Such compromised people like this Cichopek, Kurzajewski or pseudo-Kurska should never work in any media!

In the last photo Ms. Kasia and Mr. Maciek look very cute together

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