New ranking of billionaires: Kellner lost weight, Babiš is second

Jiří Zatloukal, 7. 10. 2020

Source: Euro Weekly

Despite the coronavirus pandemic, which affected the entire world economy, the top ten Czech and Slovak billionaires are still relatively successful. Together, they control assets worth 772 billion crowns – only three billion less than last year. The ranking was brought by the E15 daily.

The ruler of the PPF Group, Petr Kellner, remains the sovereign number one among Czech and Slovak billionaires with assets of 233 billion crowns, but he is significantly offended compared to last year. The value of his property fell by 57 billion crowns.

The reason is the decline in the value of the provider of consumer loans – the Home Credit group. He owns it together with billionaire Jiří Šmejc. “Home Credit is in big trouble in the Chinese market, “Agrees a number of leading domestic financiers, which the E15 editorial staff approached in compiling the ranking of hundreds of the richest Czechs and Slovaks in recent weeks. On the other hand, Prime Minister Andrej Babiš rose to second place. The reason is the great results of the Agrofert conglomerate, which it invested in the trust fund.

Name Asset value 2020 (CZK billion)
Petr Kellner 233
Andrej Babiš 101,5
Daniel Křetínský 86,4
Patrik Tkáč 80,5
Radovan Vítek 68
Karel Komárek 63,5
Pavel Baudiš 48,5
Zdeněk Bakala 35,3
Pavel Tykač 27,6
Eduard Kučera 27,5
Total 771,8

Investors from all over the world have literally fallen in love with technology companies, which pushes their value to astronomical heights. Czech and Slovak technology companies such as the antivirus colossi Avast and Eset, the internet or one of the largest online stores also benefit from this.

New ranking of billionaires: Kellner lost weight, Babiš is second

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