new projects at La Villeneuve in Grenoble

“Nothing happened at La Villeneuve this summer. I mean no gunshots, no incivility as they say …”, notes Alain Manac’h in the introduction to his Carte Blanche iséroise.

The “Villeneuve plage” that we made was a great success

And yet, as Alain Manac’h explains to us, the organization had to submit to some uncertainties. “Example, at the beginning it was a Villeneuve beach at low tide: there was no water in the lake”, not to mention the weather, which was not necessarily good either. Nevertheless, “great success: concert entertainment and each time many families to enjoy this time together …”.

I sincerely believe that this type of event strongly contributes to making this district more pleasant, softer, more alive.

For this start of the school year, what are the new actions?

“We are fully entering the fortnight for peace and non-violence“, explains Alain Manac’h. An annual meeting, “as a replica of the” White March of Echirolles “in 2012, not to commemorate a tragic event but to show how much, we citizens, we associations of popular education, believe to play a determining role in the control and the management of the violence “.

Alain gives us details of the program for the next two weeks.

Associations, the driving force behind non-violence?

Alain Manac’h takes advantage of his Carte Blanche to answer this question. Listen to the replay, to find out more.

Education must enable everyone to become a Person capable of regulating their own drive for violence.

The Carte Blanche iséroise, from Monday to Friday at 8:20 am.


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