New Pokémon Snap was achieved thanks to Pokkén Tournament

The director of New Pokémon Snap for Nintendo Switch revealed that it was thanks to Pokkén Tournament that this new installment could be made.

Since Pokkén Tournament was developed by Bandai Namco, arriving first at Wii U and not long after to Nintendo Switch, many gamers have waited for a sequel. It has not been finalized yet, although the producer Katsuhiro Harada does not rule it out entirely. The fact is that the relationship that arose between this company and The Pokémon Company led to another collaboration. This is New Pokémon Snap in order to Switch.

That was what the director of this title revealed, Haruki Suzaki. When talking about this new game, he commented “Pokkén Tournament used the strengths of Bandai Namco Studio and made Pokémon attractive in a new way”. To the above, he added “Because of this, we had another chance to do something together again and this led to the development of New Pokémon Snap.”. I think it’s a very interesting thing that one thing led to another.

Suzaki finished off with “We were able to talk to the developers [del juego original] and the project started with the participation of many people “. The latter is undoubtedly fortunate. In recent previews shared by some media, it is pointed out that the experience of playing this new title is very close to that of its predecessor of the Nintendo 64. Sure, in a modernized way, but it stays true to the essence that it came out of many years ago.

For some, it is logical that this relationship would have led to a sequel to Pokkén Tournament, but the result was very different. Anyway, a new installment of Pokémon Snap It was something that many players had dreamed of, and it will finally come true. Something you mentioned Haruki Suzaki of this new adventure is that “The main focus was building the world where the wild pokémon currently live in this game”.

Pokkén Tournament 2 depends on Nintendo and Pokémon Co.

That is why it is taking full advantage of the capabilities of the Nintendo Switch, what for New Pokémon Snap be a pleasant experience for the players. “While we were doing it, we tried to make the pokémon the stars of the game, making them move naturally and with a sense of presence, so that they are fun to see and it is even more fun to take photos”, he stressed. But he not only touched on these topics, but some more.

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If you want to read more about it, consult the interview complete in IGN. New Pokémon Snap in order to Nintendo Switch It will go on sale on April 30. Less and less is missing.


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