New photos from his birthday party and Ahmed Saad talking about his wedding and his funny plan

Artist Ahmed Saad thanked his fiancée Alia Bassiouni for the many surprises that she prepared for him on the occasion of his birthday.

“I thank my sweetheart for the great effort, for the group of birthdays that I did, and for the dangerous surprises that I made, frankly, the most delicious thing in the world,” he said in a telephone conversation with artist Ahmed Saad.

He added that he will announce very soon the date of his wedding, and as for the guests, he jokingly confirmed that he intends to invite all the Arab world to the ceremony, saying: “And soon I want the whole Arab world to my joy, but I don’t know how to do it, I don’t know the hall that accommodates everyone.”

On the other hand, the Egyptian star sent a romantic message to his fiancée after celebrating his birthday last Friday, through a group of pictures from the party that was overshadowed by the white color and said: I always feel proud of you .. I filled my heart with joy and love, and I cannot thank you enough for All that I did to bring me true happiness … You are the greatest gift I could have..I love you. “

The controversial star had celebrated Thursday August 20 with his engagement to Alia Bassiouni, and published his photo with her, explaining that the date of his birth is the date of his engagement.


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