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New Persona 6 Leaks: Dual Protagonist and Flying DLC Rumors Surface

Although the Atlus team has not officially announced any news related to “Persona 6”, fans can see various rumors and theories almost every few days. Just recently, a leaker who has repeatedly revealed a lot of information related to “Persona 6” in the past revealed another new leaked information on a related forum discussing Atlus’s works. According to him, Persona 6 will include a dual protagonist mechanic, plus a DLC that will give players the ability to fly.

Considering that the official is not yet ready to reveal information about Persona 6 to players at this stage, any unconfirmed rumors are purely for reference. However, considering that many leakers have accurately revealed various news related to Atlus’s works in the past, such as news about the “Persona 3” remake and DLC, some rumors may still have some accuracy. , especially when the rumors from all sides coincide.

Just recently, Head on the Block, a well-known leaker of the “Persona” series, once again shared more news related to “Persona 6” on the ResetEra forum, this time focusing on characters and DLC plans. According to him, “Persona 6” will contain two protagonists, and the pinyin of their names starts with K and S respectively. Then, the tipster hinted that players will have the opportunity to control a female character in the game, which led many players to speculate that the sequel will use a male and female protagonist design similar to “Persona 3 Portale”. However, Head on the Block later added that the protagonist would not be a woman, making the entire inference even more ambiguous. In the same post, Head on the Block also hinted that some players may be a little unhappy with the amount and type of DLC planned for Persona 6.

Head on the Block said that “Persona 6” will launch a large number of customized costume DLC, and even the option to allow the protagonist to fly. Assuming these rumors are true, it means that the protagonist of “Persona 6” will still be male, but an enhanced version containing a female protagonist may still be added in the follow-up like “Persona 3 Portale”.

In addition, Head on the Block also confirmed in the same post that the theme color of Persona 6 will be green as players speculated. However, Head on the Block also stated that black and white will also be another major focus of the game, emphasizing the two opposites, and the activities that players can participate in in the game will also differ between day and night. But so far, no other exodus has emerged that echoes Head on the Block’s statement.

On the other hand, whistleblower Nate the Hate also stated in the latest DirectXbox radio program that “Persona 6” will not be exclusive to the PlayStation platform like “Persona 5”, but it is currently unclear whether it will be It will be released simultaneously on all platforms. In addition, considering the scale of this new main sequel, he does not believe that it is unlikely that this game will be launched on the Xbox Game Pass platform at the same time as “Persona 3 Reload” or “Persona 5 Tactics”.

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