New parking rules: what awaits you in Yvelines

On January 1st, the parking tickets will have disappeared. Good news ? Not so sure, because they leave room for the post-parking package (FPS). Cities that charge for parking have no choice but to adapt to this new law.

You will no longer receive PV when you have not paid or when you have exceeded the schedule. But instead, the flat rate that cities are voting on right now is very often higher than the € 17 1st class fine. Overview of the main towns of Yvelines.

Nothing will change at Coignières, Elancourt, La Celle-Saint-Cloud, The Mureaux or Limay, where parking is free, and will remain so, we are assured in the town halls concerned. Same to Trappes, Pleasure,Maurepas, Velizy-Villacoublay, where only a few streets are in the blue zone. However, be careful to respect the rules: the amount of the PV in the event of an overrun in these sectors will increase to € 25 (against 17 currently), on January 1, a fixed amount for the whole country.

Most municipalities, like Guyancourt, Mantes la Jolie, Mantes-la-Ville, Maisons-Laffitte or Chatou, have not yet established the amount of FPS. AT Saint-Germain-en-Laye, this point appears on the agenda of the municipal council of November 16. “This reform will have no impact on the paid parking rates currently in place since 2010,” says one of or-et-already in town hall.

A Versailles, offenders will pay € 17, or the equivalent of the fine payable today, from which any amount already paid by the motorist will be deducted. The latter will have 5 working days to pay. “Beyond that, an increase of 35 € will apply” warns the town hall.

A Sartrouville, the FPS has been set at € 30, regardless of the area concerned. In addition, various parking packages have been created in the city for residents (€ 15 per month in the green zone) and traders (at € 30 per month, only in car parks). Finally, parking will be free for 30 m in the city center from January 2.

A Poissy, the amount of the fixed fine increases to € 35. AT Montigny-le-Bretonneux, the municipal council decided to set it at 25 €, and at 20 € at Viroflay

A Houilles, the amount of the post-parking charge varies between 19 and 25 €, depending on the district. This amount will be reduced to € 14 and € 18 if payment is made within 72 hours.

A Rambouillet, the flat-rate fine, set at € 15, may be reduced to € 12 if payment is made within 24 hours.

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