New Orelsan album: the first golden ticket has been found!

To promote his new album “Civilization”, released on November 19, the Norman rapper hid a golden ticket in five copies of the disc. The first was discovered, announced Orelsan on his Twitter account, Tuesday, November 23, 2021.

Only four gold tickets to discover! On Tuesday 23 November 2021, Orelsan announced it on Twitter: the first of five sesames scattered in the covers of his new album Civilisation has just been won.

This ticket will not rain chocolate, but will allow its holder to be invited, for life and free, to all the rapper’s concerts with the person of his choice (excluding festivals).

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According to our colleagues from The voice of the North , it’s at Fnac d ‘Amiens (Sum) that the winning record was bought, by a “lucky lady”.

A great marketing operation

Between the exit of the documentary series dedicated to him and that of his new album, Orelsan never ceases to panic his fans. Civilisation was gold record with no piece being revealed. The rapper also caused a sensation, a few days ago in Caen, when he sang one of his new songs for the first time in public, in the grounds of the Michel-d’Ornano stadium.

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If needed, his Willy Wonka-style marketing campaign in Charlie and the chocolate factory seems to have put a part back in the machine … In three days, nearly 100,000 albums had already been sold, the best start in the history of French rap.


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