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Every week, Netflix expands its range with new films and series. This week, a new Christmas film and a thrilling Egyptian horror series were released.


Paranormal (season 1)

The Egyptian horror series Paranormal revolves around the cynical doctor Refaat Ismail (Ahmed Amin), who had a traumatic experience with a ghost as a child. All kinds of strange and scary events suddenly take place around him. This series “has what it takes to be the latest Netflix hit,” the reviewer wrote Superguide.

Deadly Class (season 1)

The scene of the crime thriller series Deadly Class, based on a dark comic, is a legendary private school. Children from wealthy crime families are sent here to be trained as hitmen. We follow the homeless teenager Marcus Lopez Arguello (Benjamin Wadsworth), who enters the school as a new recruit.

Can you hear me? (seizoen 2)

The dramatic comedy series Can you hear me? tells the story of three friends in a deprived neighborhood. They struggle with bad boyfriends and their dysfunctional families, but find hope and humor together.

Record of Youth (season 1)

In South Korean Record of Youth, a drama series full of love troubles, we follow two actors and a make-up artist who all try to leave their mark on the contemporary fashion world – and of course that is not without setback.

Love & Anarchy (seizoen 1)

Netflix’s second Swedish Original series after Quicksand is Love & Anarchy, a romantic comedy. In this, a married consultant with children starts a kind of flirtatious game with a young IT person. It means that both are forced to take a close look at their lives.

Country Ever After (seizoen 1)

Netflix also has a new reality series ready: Country Ever After, about Coffey and Criscilla Anderson. He is a popular country artist, she a successful hip-hop dancer fighting cancer. We follow the two on their daily adventures in hectic family life.


Operation Christmas Drop

Ambitious civil servant Erica (Kat Graham) works for a strict congressman who wants to close an air base on the island of Guam. On the base, army planes are used to drop Christmas presents, and of course you can’t. Erica is sent to the tropical island around Christmas time to write a damning report. There she is given a tour by the handsome captain Andrew Jantz (Alexander Ludwig), who wants to prevent the base from being closed.

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The SpongeBob Movie: Sponge on the Run

King Neptune steals SpongeBob’s beloved snail Gerrit because he needs the snail slime for his beauty routine. SpongeBob goes to the palace with Patrick to retrieve him and naturally encounters the craziest characters in between, including Keanu Reeves as a supernatural sage in the guise of a withered piece of bush.

A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood

Tom Hanks stars as Fred Rogers, the legendary American entertainer best known for his children’s show Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood. The film follows cynical journalist Lloyd Vogel, who reluctantly interviews Rogers for the magazine Esquire. His encounter with the child hero changes his outlook on life. Based on a real Esquirearticle by journalist Tom Junod.


We have to wait a little longer for a new part of it The Fast and The Furious, but Bloodshot in the meantime gives the viewer the necessary dose of Vin Diesel. The action hero plays Ray Garrison, a perished soldier brought to life by advanced technology. He awakens with super powers and goes after the man he suspects of murdering his wife. But can he trust himself and his new body?


This fantasy film is a kind of prequel to the well-known Peter Pan-story. We see how Peter (Levi Miller) met Captain Hook (Garrett Hedlund). Once friends and comrades-in-arms, the two face off against the ruthless pirate Blackbeard (Hugh Jackman), who is terrorizing Neverland.


In the Johannesburg of the future, the police are using patrol robots as agents. However, the programmer, Deon (Dev Patel), wants more and develops a robot that comes to life. One problem: the robot behaves like a child, can think and feel for itself and still needs to be trained. Meanwhile, the potentially dangerous robot is being pulled from all sides. Starring Hugh Jackman and Sigourney Weaver.

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