New Need for Speed ​​sz on comic styling will be out this year


Koeny’s alluring Need for Speed ​​series dates back to 1994 and has a total of 24 dl. And this year they will be fifty, Electronic Arts has finally broke the news and officially confirmed that the next episode will bring the subtitle Unbound.

Will it be different from the previous ones? After watching the trailer, the meme will surely respect the minimal graphic stylization. While the cars and the tracks themselves behave quite realistically, all of the characters and accompanying effects, such as dust, dust, or metal on metal, look like something straight out of a comic. The guys were obviously inspired by hip hop videos, and rapper A $ AP Rocky took care of the rest of his musical background, which he believes will have a major role and a few minor roles in the film.

If not, Unbound acts as if it wants to follow the cult underground sub-series, so you can indulge in a rich tune-up and short trips around the city. This time it will be the fictional metropolis of Lakeshore and its surroundings, so it will also be sold. The list of cars is quite rich (see link), unfortunately it no longer made it to encoders. Maybe pt.

A good start is that the game won’t bring the ball rolling in the form of support for past generations of consoles, so hopefully we could experience a significant visual change. If it turns out like this, you will find out on December 2nd, if you book you can also leave two days earlier.


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