New nationwide channel in DVB-T2. Live broadcasting has begun

The new television station Naživo started broadcasting quite hastily, which only a few days ago received the necessary license from the Radio and Television Broadcasting Council. It was not clear whether the planned start would really take place. Viewers did not have much time to tune in, as the program position appeared in multiplex 23 only a few hours before the start of broadcasting. In the end, however, everything turned out well and since last night, viewers can watch a new channel, which is focused – as well as the public CT Art – on culture. The television follows up on the Film Live project, which was launched in November. The company Heaven’s Gate by director Viktor Tauš collaborates on it with the ensembles JATKA78 and Cirkus La Putyka.

The start of a new channel at this time is not accidental. Due to anti-coronavirus measures, live culture has disappeared from public space, so Television Live will try to convey cultural experiences directly to viewers at home. As the name of the station suggests, all programs are broadcast live. These are theatrical performances, cabaret shows, concerts or fairy tales. As it is a commercial station, there will also be commercials. However, they will also be broadcast live and will be taken care of by the actors themselves. He wants to convey culture live from unusual angles, so he uses, for example, cameras placed on the actors’ clothes. The project was supported by the Ministry of Culture, the PPF Foundation and O2.

Live TV broadcasts via multiplex 23, which is available nationwide. It is operated by the Czech Digital Group (CDG) and broadcast via, for example, the Nova and Barrandova channels. The transmission takes place in a resolution of 960 x 540 or qHD. In the future, the operator also wants to penetrate the offer of pay-TV. However, the question remains how sustainable the project is in the long run after the lifting of the restrictions related to the COVID-19 pandemic. Viewers who do not catch live television can use the archive of programs, which is, however, paid. A ticket to record yesterday’s Batacchio performance costs CZK 149 and the spectator can add a voluntary contribution. Half of the revenue goes to the performing ensembles, the other half will be used for the operation of the project and the creation of new programs.

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