New mortal fight in the Zacatecas prison: “There must be a firearm there yet”

photo-source">Video: Telemundo Midday News

At least one person has died this Thursday, although police sources raise that figure to five, in a new fight at the Cieneguillas prison, in the Mexican state of Zacatecas.

Just two days ago, another fight left 16 dead and five injured in the same prison. The confrontation was unleashed after four in the afternoon on December 31 during a friendly football match on the prison court.

The authorities then found four firearms and several white weapons, and are still investigating how they could be used during the fight.

“[Las consiguen] in there themselves. We are sculpted by everything, they do not come from outside with us, ”said a relative of an inmate to Noticias Telemundo, after officials suggested that it is the prisoners’ relatives who secretly introduce firearms.

State Security Secretary Ismael Camberos said Thursday that the police “know that there must be a firearm there yet.”

For their part, families they complain of the lack of information about what happened in the prison: “They have not let them out at all or tell us anything, they just took out several, but they don’t tell us who they are or why.”

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