New Mercedes Classe B Review: Engines, Design, and Interior Finishes

Find the differences

The aesthetic changes for the medium-sized minivan Mercedes Classe B they are so light that it is difficult to distinguish the revised model from the previous one. Externally, they change headlights and taillights, with various LED lights, and some details, such as the grille on the grille and the glossy insert in the rear bumper. For the rest, the Mercedes B-Class retains a sober and elegant appearance.

The most important news of the Mercedes Classe B they concern i engines, with the arrival of the 136 or 163 bhp 1.3 mild hybrid petrol turbo, which replaces the previous non-electrified 109, 136 or 156 bhp 1.3. The plug-in hybrid version has been improved, which still has a total power of 218 HP, but has a slightly more powerful electric motor (109 HP instead of 102) and in alternating current charging the battery can accept up to 11 kW, against the previous 7.4 kW (in direct current it reaches 22 kW). The 224 bhp 2.0 petrol unit remains, intended for the only 4×4 version, and the 116 bhp 2.0 diesel unit (that of the test car) or 150 or 190 bhp. In any case, the change it has a double clutch (with 7 or 8 gears depending on the version): the manual one is no longer foreseen.

Quality finishes

In the cockpit of the Mercedes Classe B easy access, both to the front and rear seats. It is a car for five, but only four are comfortable: those traveling in the center of the sofa are somewhat sacrificed due to the bulky tunnel in the floor (which takes up space for the feet) and the shape of the seat (which favors those who sit on the sides). You drive in a high and comfortable position: it’s just a pity that the seat belts are not adjustable in height. Typically Mercedes, the interiors are modern and with quality finishes. He styled the three round turbine-shaped air vents (reminiscent of the aviation world). The awkward handbrake button on the left side of the dashboard remains (it is barely visible and inaccessible to passengers) and the two screens up to 10.25″ (for the instrumentation and multimedia system) paired above the dashboard which, however, have a renewed graphics. They are easy to read and offer various configurations. The right-hand monitor is touch-sensitive and has led to the elimination of the tactile surface to control it (and the related wrist rest) in the tunnel between the seats. Therefore, the storage space has increased in the latter area. Also available a new steering wheel, sportier and with original thin spokes (visible in the photos). No news for the trunk, which is easily accessible and has a decent capacity: the house speaks of 455 liters per sofa in use, which drops to 445 for diesel models and 405 for the plug-in hybrid.

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Few horses, but lively

In the guide we find the good characteristics of the previous one Mercedes Classe B and even with the least powerful of the 2.0 diesel engines, the 116 bhp one, there is all the readiness to move without breathlessness. The efficient dual clutch gearbox, soft and sweet in the selection of the eight reports, helps. For the type of car, the body roll is contained and the agility benefits, which is quite respectable. This is also due to the not very compliant suspension and precise steering. The comfort is good, thanks to the passenger compartment which keeps noise away (the typical ticking of diesel engines is hardly noticeable), while most of the bumps in the road are effectively absorbed. During the test, mostly carried out in the city, the on-board computer indicated a consumption of around 15 km/l.

From 37,560 euros

The renewed Mercedes Classe B is already on sale with prices starting at 36,950 euros for the version with the 136 bhp 1.3 mild hybrid, which as standard has the navigator, rear view camera, faux leather and fabric upholstery, as well as the main driving aids, including automatic braking and keeping in the lane (a bit abrupt in getting the car back on the trajectory). The 180 d Advanced Plus Progressive tested costs 42,557 euros which include keyless access, motorized tailgate opening, lumbar adjustment for the seats and wireless charging plate for the telephone.

In our opinion

> Finishes. They are quality.
> Guide. It’s personable and there’s agility.
> Instrumentation. In addition to being easy to read, it is complete and configurable.

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> Details. There is no height adjustment for the seat belts and the handbrake button is uncomfortable.
> Lane keeping. Perfectible: sudden braking to get the car back on track.
> Central seat of the sofa. The fifth occupant doesn’t have much footroom.

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