New Marvel heroes featured in leaked set footage


Jeremy Renners Clint Barton has befriended a young heroine on the first set of the Marvel series Hawkeye. While it will no longer be a surprise to real fans who this heroine is, the images also confirm the arrival of another beloved character from the comics.

For those who still doubted Bumblebee-actress Hailee Steinfeld Whether or not cast as Kate Bishop in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, the ultimate proof has emerged today. Steinfeld has been spotted next to Renner on the set of the Disney Plus series Hawkeye in Brooklyn, New York, as the photos below show. Why Marvel is waiting so long with an official announcement is not clear.

Knowing more?

Loyal four-legged friend
In addition to Bishop, we also see another well-known character from the comics on the set: Lucky the Pizza Dog, a Golden Retriever who loves pizza. In the comics, this dog was first called Arrow and was owned by mobster Ivan Banionis, but after Hawkeye showed him some love, he decided to attack his owner.

However, he was seriously injured as a result, but fortunately he managed to recover after the necessary operations. Hawkeye then decided to adopt the dog and name it Lucky. Later he got a new owner again: Kate Bishop.

Lucky the Pizza Dog could also be admired on a previously released concept drawing.

Both Kate Bishop and Lucky the Pizza Dog may play larger roles in the Marvel Cinematic Universe in the future and will also appear in the films.

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