New Loan Opportunities for Low-Income Families for Climate-Friendly Construction Projects.

Starting today, families with low household incomes can get favorable conditions for their construction projects. For this, however, the new buildings must meet certain conditions.

Starting today (June 1), families with low and middle incomes can apply for cheap loans for climate-friendly construction projects. The federal government wants to ensure that these families can dream of owning their own home despite high market interest rates and material costs.

Interest rate of 1.25 percent

At the start, an interest rate of 1.25 percent applies. For particularly climate-friendly new buildings, families with many children can get loans of up to 240,000 euros on these terms.

However, they must not earn too much for this: families with one child have a household income limit of 60,000 euros. With each additional child, the threshold increases by 10,000 euros.

Loans are only available for new buildings with a low carbon footprint

The construction of self-used living space is funded. In order for Germany to achieve its climate protection goals, the loans are only available for new buildings with a low CO2 footprint. At least they must meet the EH40 standard. This means that the building may only use 40 percent of the energy that a standard house needs. In order to achieve a higher funding level, the even more stringent criteria for the sustainable building quality seal must be met.

The loans have a term of 35 years and a fixed interest rate of ten years. At least 350 million euros are available from the federal government this year.

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