new line up to relaunch the brand, we are moving towards total electrification

Lancia is ready to relaunch the brand, completely changing its mentality, who knows if this will be a gamble or a victory.

Lancia shows the new lineup – Motori.News

Lancia which is part of the Stellantis groupstands for revolutionize his self conception. The future calls and so does it Turin housewants modernize. An entry into the future for one of the oldest car manufacturers in Italy. The wager is to relaunch the brand, which is not having a great time now, but focusing on historical models. Let’s find out this Revolution in Lancia housewhich looks to the future more than ever.

The future of Lancia

Il Stellantis group is working a lot on electric mobilityand this also pushed the Lanciato embrace this typology. Il 2024 will be the beginning of the Revolutionas the Lancia Ypsilon, 100% electric. the definitive turning point will come in 2028when the company will only produce electric carsabandoning i endothermic engines. An epochal turning point, for a house that belongs to hers history she was famous for hers engines.

The Lancia Ypsilon Electric marks the turning point, and it was not chosen at random. There Ypsilon and from 1986year of his birth, the car of tip of the brand, the one with the most sales. So it’s right to leave with her, even if she already exists there versione Plug-in, of the car. The features of this electric car, we don’t have any yet, but the technology will be that of Holding. So you can rest assured, on the electric motor that will be designed, but to date we cannot unbalance ourselves.

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Lancia Hybrid model
the logo of the Lancia hybrid range –

The Italian house however, he is also planning aother carwhich should be called Aurelia. This car will also be al 100% electricand it should be a Crossoverwhich is now the largest market that there is. The medium should come out in 2026, even if there is not enough data yet. Industry experts say they are confident that it will be similar to the new one Citroen C5 X and to Opel Insigna. This is a car waiting to be discovered, and a considerable challenge for the company.

A future to be written

The Lancia logo
Photo of the Lancia logo –

Il 2024 then marks the start, the 2028 will be the real turn towards electrification of the brand. A new challenge, all from win like that of develop on the European territory, more. There Lancia seems to want to open more than 100 dealershipsscattered in the 60 largest cities in Europe. It will do this by focusing on gods world-class top managera tempting challenge, which means that the future is all to be written.

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