New LG QNED Mini LED TV, Color Champion Makes Images Look More Realistic – LG Electronics launched globally the latest premium TV set, namely the LG QNED Mini LED TV. This product will soon be available in the North American market and subsequently various countries around the world starting this July.

Comes with two 8K and 4K resolution options, the LG QNED Mini LED TV has a wide variety of screen landscapes, ranging from 65 inches to 86 inches.

“The LG QNED Mini LED TV is a testament to the company’s success in innovating and bringing technological leaps to the LCD TV category. The latest line of LG TV products is also proof of the company’s seriousness in strengthening our position in leading the premium TV market through the presence of our innovative products,” said Park Hyoung-sei, President of LG Home Entertainment Company, in a release yesterday (1/7).

Outperforming conventional LCD TV products, the LG QNED Mini LED TV offers more vibrant colors, more depth to blacks, better accuracy and contrast. This is thanks to the collaboration of two state-of-the-art technologies, namely the reproduction of the Quantum Dot NanoCell coloring and the development of a more capable Mini LED backlight.

Interestingly, LG deliberately packaged the LEDs on the LG QNED Mini LED TV with a smaller size to produce a contrast ratio 10 times better than other LCD TVs. Deeper blacks and greater detail in dark areas create a sense of greater depth that makes images appear more realistic.

Not just claims, the performance of this TV set is also proven through certification tests conducted by Intertek, an international testing agency. As a result, the LG QNED Mini LED TV is proven to be able to provide 100 percent capacity and color consistency and is good at eliminating color distortion at wide viewing angles, so that everyone in the room can enjoy the best LCD picture quality.

Eco-Friendly Products

The company also ensures that the LG QNED Mini LED TV product has a positive impact on the environment. One of them is to ensure that this product has received the Eco-Product certification from the SGS Société Générale de Surveillance SA of Switzerland. This certification certifies that this device meets criteria that include low environmental impact. [sya]



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