New legendary reception .. Hossam Hassan ignites Al Ahly Club

Hossam Hassan, the historical star of the Egyptian football, came today to Al-Ahly club on a new visit to his old club, in order to play a five-way friendly football match with the legends of Al-Ahly Club.

Hossam Hassan, the historical star of the Egyptian football, received a wonderful reception from Al-Ahly club members at its main headquarters on the island.

Al-Ahly members flocked to Hossam Hassan to take memorial photos with him, and Hossam Hassan welcomed everyone, stressing that Al-Ahly club is his first and last love.

Hossam Hassan’s visit today to Al-Ahly Club is his second in a very short period after he went and visited the club several days ago, and confirmed that the coming period will see him appear constantly inside the Red Fort on the island.

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