New leak reveals the final design of the Galaxy S11 rear cameras

One of the most famous leak accounts on Twitter @Onleaks posted a new photo that reveals the design of the back cameras of the phone (Galaxy S11The upcoming Galaxy S11 Samsung.

And the design of the back cameras of the Galaxy S11 has become a matter of controversy over the past period, as some of them described the published photos as illogical, but @OnLeaks posted a new image trying to solve the dispute.

New leak reveals the final design of the Galaxy S11 rear cameras

And the new image published by @OnLeaks shows that there are four rear cameras, three of which are positioned on top of each other, while the fourth comes next to it above the flashlight.

The image posted by @OnLeaks today, Friday, is similar to the picture published by the Ice Universe account in mid-December, which showed the three cameras, while the fourth camera was behind a barrier.

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And this @OnLeaks account said in his tweet: This image is for the Galaxy S11 Plus phone, and he indicated that it differs from the one he published a month ago, which was based on the first stage of the prototype of the phone, and the current image is for the latest prototype, which indicated that It will be the last.

This leak comes after that Posted by Ice Universe What he said are live photos of the screen cover of the next generation Galaxy S11 from Samsung.

The image showed the difference in sizes between the three upcoming versions of the phone, namely: (Galaxy S11) Galaxy S11, (Galaxy S11e) Galaxy S11e, and (Galaxy S11 Plus) Galaxy S11 Plus.

That leaked picture came in conjunction with news report He stated that Samsung will accelerate the announcement of the Galaxy S11 phones, as well as the second generation of its Galaxy Fold 2 smartphone.

According to the report, Samsung will not announce the phones – as expected – during the third week of February 2020 in Barcelona, ​​Spain, but will hold an event on February 11 in the United States.

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