New lawsuit against Deshaun Watson; They already add 22 against the quarterback

A new legal action for sexual harassment was filed against Texans quarterback Deshaun Watson, bringing the total to 22

HOUSTON – A new lawsuit has been filed against Deshaun Watson, this one alleging that the quarterback of the Houston Texans assaulted a licensed beautician “by touching her with his genitals and exposing himself to her.”

The lawsuit, filed Friday night and available on the Harris County website starting Monday, states that “The conduct of Watson It is part of a disturbing and growing pattern. “This is the claim No. 22 filed by the attorney for Houston, Tony buzbee, from March 16.

The plaintiff alleges that Watson He “took her” from behind during a massage while “he was fully exposed.” The lawsuit contends that Watson He told the therapist that she had to sign a nondisclosure agreement before he would pay for the service.

The lawsuit states that, “with a pass on publicly available information, in a short period … Watson employed more than 50 different women for massages, “and states that”Watson selected all of these women through social media, most through Instagram and SnapChat. “However, some of the lawsuits filed by Buzbee make reference to Watson scheduling appointments through a spa or some other referral.

Buzbee has also scheduled a press conference for Tuesday, in which he said he will “touch on the important and sensitive issues that have occurred in the case of Deshaun Watson“.

Along with the 22 women who have filed lawsuits against Watson, 18 women issued statements through Rusty Hardin, lawyer of Watson, noting that they had worked with the quarterback of the Texans, and that “he never made them feel uncomfortable or demanded anything outside of the spectrum of a professional massage.” The attorney for Watson she said of the releases that they were volunteers and of women who have collectively “worked with Deshaun for more than 130 times over the past five years. “

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It is unknown if Buzbee he has spoken to the 10 additional women he referred to when he wrote that “Watson used more than 50 different women for massages, “in Friday’s lawsuit.

On Friday, the Houston Police Department said in a statement that it had launched an investigation of Watson after a report was raised.

“As with any allegation, the Houston Police Department is now conducting an investigation and will not comment further during the investigative process,” the department said in the statement. He did not specify what he was accused of Watson in the report.

Hardin said in a statement later Friday that he and Watson “They will cooperate fully with the Houston Police Department.”

“We welcome this timely intervention,” he said. Hardin. “Now, we will know the identity of at least one plaintiff. We will fully cooperate with the Police Department.”

Buzbee, in a statement released Friday, said he was not personally involved in the complaint with police. He wrote on Instagram last week that he did not feel comfortable going to the Houston Police Department with information that he and his clients will take “elsewhere to bring our evidence to investigating authorities.”

Watson has publicly denied any misconduct, and Hardin said he believes “any allegation that Watson forced a woman to commit a sexual act is completely false.”

The NFL said in a statement Friday that it “continues to follow up on all developments” regarding the personal conduct policy, and the Texans said in a statement that they would remain in close contact with the NFL during this investigation.


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