New laboratory “Center for Molecular Diagnostics” opened in Graz – communication

Graz (December 6th, 2021) .- With the newly opened laboratory location “Center for Molecular Diagnostics”, the bidding consortium around the Tauernkliniken has set up a new laboratory location in Graz in a very short time. All PCR gargle tests carried out in Styria are now On the occasion of today’s laboratory tour, Franz Öller, managing director of the Tauern Clinic, led Styrian media representatives through the new center alongside Juliane Bogner-Strauss, the Styrian health councilor and test and vaccination route coordinator Harald Eitner.

“The new laboratory in Graz increases our test capacity enormously, as over 100,000 PCR gargle tests can be evaluated per week at this location. My big appeal is directed at the Styrians to make use of this opportunity, ″ emphasizes the State Health Councilor Juliane Bogner-Strauss. With the PCR gargle tests, the safety net in Styria can be tightened even more, says LR Bogner-Strauss, since infections can be detected at a very early stage: “I am therefore particularly pleased that the ‘Center for Molecular Diagnostik ′ the possibility has been created to evaluate the PCR gargle tests carried out in Styria with immediate effect in Graz, which means that the associated value chain also remains in Styria. ”

In around 580 square meters of laboratory space, the gargle tests given are first combined in pools of ten and then pipetted using an automated system, followed by PCR sequencing. There are currently around 45 employees in the laboratory evaluating the samples submitted.

The Styrian test and vaccination route coordinator Harald Eitner also appeals to the population to use the range of PCR gargle tests at home: “So far, over 700,000 gargle tests have already been picked up in pharmacies, but currently only around 35,000 tests are handed out every week. With the new laboratory, however, we now have sufficient capacity, which ensures that the samples submitted can also be evaluated within the 24-hour period. “Particularly in the event that the lockdown ends, the demand is expected to rise again according to PCR tests, says Eitner: “In view of the clearly increased demand again, it is all the more important that Styrians also use this low-threshold, free offer.”

Tauernkliniken Managing Director Franz Öller: “With the new laboratory in Graz, we can now provide a well-developed infrastructure for evaluating the PCR gargle tests in Styria, which on the one hand results in great logistical advantages. On the other hand, the aspect of regionality also plays an important role for us, so it is of course optimal that we can now evaluate all Styrian PCR gargle tests directly in Graz. “

Note: For the correct evaluation of the gargle test, it is particularly important that no food or drinks are consumed 30 minutes before the test is carried out. In addition, the tests carried out should be thrown into the drop-off point at a participating pharmacy or a Spar supermarket on the same day, since the validity period of the test result starts from the point at which the sample is taken. After performing the gargle test, please do not put the sample back in the box, just throw the plastic bag with the sample tube into the boxes, as this saves valuable time when unpacking the samples.

You will find all information on performing the PCR gargle tests including detailed video instructions and links to the registration platform here.

Graz, December 6th, 2021


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