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New Israeli airstrikes on Gaza

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Israel launched new airstrikes on Gaza in the early hours of Tuesday, while Hamas and other armed groups continued their rocket attacks on Israel.

Among the targets that should have been hit are a high-rise building where a Hamas leader lived and two border tunnels that militant Palestinian groups were building. The escalation takes place after weeks of a tense situation in Jerusalem, where a heated property conflict has contributed greatly to the unrest.

On Tuesday morning, it was reported that at least 24 Palestinians, including nine children, had been killed in Gaza, most of them in airstrikes. This is stated by the health authorities in the area.

According to the Israeli military, 15 of them were members of militant groups. These groups, in turn, are said to have fired more than 200 rockets at Israel, injuring six civilians.

The bombing began after hours of clashes between Palestinians and Israeli security forces, mainly in Jerusalem but also in the West Bank. More than 700 Palestinians were injured, including nearly 500 who were hospitalized.

– Since 6 pm last night, terrorist groups in Gaza have constantly fired rockets at Israeli civilians. It is now 4 in the morning. There are ten hours of rocket attacks, the Israeli defense wrote on Twitter on Tuesday morning.

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