‘New IS boss arrested in Turkey’ | Abroad

During a secret major operation by the Turkish police last week, the home of the terror leader was discovered, after which he was allegedly interrogated by a team of experts from IS and the secret service, OdaTV said. There was no gunfight. Turkish police had been watching his house for some time. The arrest would be an important blow in the fight against IS. There is no official yetëgot confirmation.

Abu al Hassan al-Quaryshi’s predecessor was killed in a US military operation on February 3 this year in Syriaë† IS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi previously died during a US military operation in October 2019. It would now be the first time that an IS leader has been arrested alive and arrested.

Turkish President Erdogan has been informed of the arrest. He is expected to tell more about the arrest and the fight against terrorism in the coming days. There have been several terrorist attacks by IS in Turkey. The largest attack was on October 10, 2015 during a Kurdish demonstration in Ankara, in which more than 100 people were killed.

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