New internship pensions 2020. The bill is almost ready [zasady – 23.11.2020]

The project of internship pensions is to be completed soon. It will be a pension revolution, and the regulations will allow people to retire on new terms. See what will change.

There is a chance that the project on internship pensions will be ready this year. New recipes they are to guarantee retirement under completely new conditions.

Some time ago, the President of the Republic of Poland, Andrzej Duda, proposed a new form of retirement. By using the so-called an internship pension sufficient seniority would be enough to apply for a retirement pension. According to this idea, it would be:

  • 35 years for women
  • 40 years for men

The offer appealed to many circles, incl. “Solidarności”, whose experts are working on the pension reform. And it was they who announced that the project of changes in pensions may be ready this year. This was reported by the daily “Fakt”.

One of the proposed solutions is also obtaining the appropriate level of capital to retire. According to “Fakt”, this year it could be the amount that would allow for the payment of PLN 1,440 gross of the old-age pension, or about PLN 1,220 per hand.

– Now, the most important thing is the pandemic and the fight against the coronavirus. However, we hope that the deadline will be met and that the president will manage to send the draft bill to the Sejm by the end of December, said Marek Lewandowski, spokesman for “Solidarity”, in an interview with Fakt.

If the project of retirement pensions goes to the Sejm in December, there is a chance that the new regulations will enter into force at the beginning of next year.

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