New Hyundai Tucson has become a “semi-Chinese”

The Chinese market will like it, but not so much.

The Korean auto industry took a long time to become popular and advanced even against the backdrop of European countries. Did they do it? Of course, because now Hyundai and KIA are a huge success not only in Russia, but in all countries where these cars are delivered. One of the first popular crossovers from Hyundai in Russia was Tucson, which will replace the third generation next year.

It is not yet known which power units will be installed in the fourth generation of the Hyundai Tucson, but the engine range was at its height back in 2018 and most likely will remain with the addition of one or two new engines. The buyer will also be given the choice between all-wheel drive or front-wheel drive.

The most noticeable changes have occurred in the exterior design, but it is difficult to call them absolutely positive, since this crossover has become a “semi-Chinese” and a “semi-Korean”. Perhaps this is not surprising, given that the initial market in which this crossover will be delivered – China and the “Koreans” laid emphasis on the preferences of the Middle Kingdom.

The interior has not received much changes and compared with competitors, the interior of this crossover is boring and uninteresting, although they added a virtual dashboard and a large screen for the multimedia system, but this is clearly not enough to be called interesting.

Perhaps for the rest of the markets, the fourth generation of the Hyundai Tucson will receive different interior equipment and appearance. The approximate release date of the updated crossover is the second half of 2021.



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